Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley will be hitting the stage later this month in Southern California with his 10-piece R&B review Soul Station. Back in September, the band debuted at L.A.’s Roxy Theatre with Stanley, who stayed far away from Kiss material, by solely performing ’60s and ’70s soul/pop classics by the Jackson 5, the Temptations, theMiracles, the Stylistics, and the Spinners, among others. The show was recorded and filmed for a future release.

Stanley talked to Rock Cellar magazine and shed some light on his early love of R&B: “When I first heard (Stevie Wonder‘s) ‘Fingertips’ it was so unlike anything on the radio because first of all, it was live and it was improvised. The song pretty much ends and falls apart and then one of the background musicians asks ‘What key?’ and they start up again and then you hear the announcer announcing Little Stevie Wonder. That was exciting and painted a picture that I wanted to certainly be a part of.”

  • Stanley went on to talk about some actual physical Soul Station projects, explaining, “We recorded the Roxy show on multi-track and it’s really pretty amazing how great it is. It sounds like studio recordings. I’ve talked with some of my friends about the possibility of writing some Soul Station songs and just picking up not only that vibe but the style as well.  So all of that could happen in the future.”
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